Ofellas assas giganticus

Since my remarks about pumpkins many have written to ask if it’s “o.k.” to gently rub a young lady’s terres inconnues with a giant meatball. The answer is no, gently rubbing a young lady’s terres inconnues with a giant meatball is morally depraved and unhygienic. That you contemplate such perversion is cause for concern.


  1. The 1869 edition of the Encyclopaedia Medica (notable as the first edition available without the leather cover) states that the use of pickled gherkins (simply "pickles" to the American audience) is appropriate, and also goes on to add that the alkaline compounds in the pickling brine may offer some medical benefits to the young lady in question.

    I wouldn't know from experience, of course, since all pickled and fermented foods have been banned in the county of my residence.

  2. Gherkin is a fun word. Your county sounds not fun at all. When you order a Gibson there, what do you get?

  3. I have a ten foot pole, but I am not touching this one.

  4. Cut Lloyd's ten foot pole into thirds and use to garnish three 222 lb giant meatballs.

  5. It depends upon whether you are understood. You may receive:

    a) A beer with an onion on top.
    b) A sound beating.
    c) Science fiction that relies upon the Japanese economy not having collapsed in the 90's.

  6. I am taking my chips and going home. You guys are dangerous.


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