Peculiar apparitions to the soul

In a case eerily similar to the murder of Aisia A. Johnson, three gunmen broke into an apartment near Indian School Road and 67th Avenue and began shooting, killing one of the occupants and wounding another. Two of the shooters then fled in a white van.

A white van was seen lurking near an athletic equipment shed in Lynchburg, then it was gone. 15 minutes later the athletic equipment shed burst into flames.

In Kissimmee motorists observed a white van intentionally hit a motorcycle, causing it to crash. The motorcyclist died at the scene. The homicidal white van remains at large.

A white van driven by a man named Jesus led police on a wild chase through Bloomfield Township, “smashing into several cars and construction barrels”. After crashing into an SUV on Big Beaver road, Jesus leapt from the wreckage and began throwing punches at police, who responded with Tasers. Following the zapping, Jesus became unresponsive, was taken to a hospital, and pronounced dead.

In Port St. Lucie two boys reported seeing a girl abducted into white van. Investigators soon realized the girl and the white van were figments of the boys imaginations. Tom Nichols, of the Port St. Lucie Police Department, said police took the boy’s report seriously because white vans are so often involved in terrible crimes. "If something involves suspicious activity with a white van and we feel the urge that we need to stop white vans, then by all means we're going to stop white vans," said Nichols.

A missing man was found dead in his van, in Whitby. What color was the van?


  1. Since the color wasn't mentioned at all, I assume the van must have been black.

  2. carbuncle jones7/12/09 3:17 AM

    Here's one white van that won't be seen anymore:

  3. Never mind the Tasers. Keep a close eye on Jesus, he'll be up and at it again before you can say Jack Robinson.


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