From North Yorkshire to Ashgabat

Others finally notice he monstrous evil of Whitby. The Whitby Gazette reports: “A Japanese television crew is currently filming in Whitby as part of an educational programme to be shown on NHK – Japan's equivalent of the BBC.”

While the NHK educates the Japanese people about Whitby’s dangers, the U.S. media continues to ignore the situation. I attribute this neglect to incompetence and irresponsibility, but I am beginning to wonder.

In Turkmenistan, where standards for clerical work are quite high, apparently, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed a decree “severely reprimanding” press secretary Kakageldi Chariyardurdiev for assorted malfeasances, including “failing to highlight”, and “improper organization”. The President then signed a decree relieving Chairman of the Supreme Chamber of Control of Turkmenistan Gochguly Saparlyev of his duties (“failing to fulfill responsibilities”), followed by a decree appointing Deputy Chairman of the chamber Gadyrgeldi Mushshikov acting Chairman of the Supreme Chamber of Control of Turkmenistan.

Yesterday, Turkmenistan police stormed the apartment of an unnamed street cleaner and arrested him, after neighbors reported overhearing him call for the assassinations of Kakageldi Chariyardurdiev, Gochguly Saparlyev, Gadyrgeldi Mushshikov, and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Authorities later released the man, after determining he had only been gargling.


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