Super Bowl Notes

The Stadium

A Cyclopean tomb.

National anthem

Having free-jazz alpehornist Fritz Entegeliebter play it would be an improvement.


Beneath a frantic surface the primary quality of the advertisements is one of exhaustion.

Halftime show

Bringing a herd of donkeys out to bray a bit then defecate on the 50 yard line would be an improvement.

The game

I met a double murderer once (wife, mother). We had a friendly conversation about football.


  1. The could give the cheerleaders shovels and have them clean up after the donkeys. That way they'd be part of the show.

    The half time show sucked big time -- you're right about that. Ghetto crap. An embarrassment to the NFL, one would think. But I don't know if they can be embarrassed anymore.

    Used to go to a museum or something on the day of the game -- knew it would be practically empty. Ought to start doing that again I guess.

  2. Bands aren't widely popular anymore. I'm surprised they haven't yet recognized they could just run a commercial or two for the whole halftime.

  3. I think the Super Bowl - indeed all football games - would be much more interesting if all the players were roaring drunk.

  4. A simpler method is to get yourself roaring drunk.


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