Zambia Report

Heightening  ethnic tensions in Zambia. The Nkoyas, Mbundas, Chokwes, Luyanas, Luba-Lundas, Luchazi, and the Muzungus are not getting along, and Harrison Musonda reports the Barosteians want to secede (I think the Barosteians are Lozis, but you never know).

China has been busy in Zambia - building Chinatowns, beating miners, shooting miners, “developing” the local media. It’s not only Zambia; everywhere you go in Africa there's a Chinaman with a tiny finger in a pie. China’s foreign policy must seem quaint to the progressive experts ("Minerals? We're way beyond minerals.") who oversee our State Department.

At a wedding in Zambia, a “jubilant” man’s attempt to “express happiness” reminds us silence is the perfectest herald of joy.


  1. Pleased to see the African Bureau of ADC is still up and running. (I believe Time Magazine still rates it as being the 3rd best foreign news bureau, right after BBC and the Naked News Network).

  2. I'm sad to see TIME magazine is still being published while many of my favorite African journalists are no longer being published.

  3. With a name like Zambia you can't expect too much I guess.

  4. They should build a Zamboni factory there. That would be almost poetic.

  5. I would like to have a large, water-filled ditch in front of my house running off to the horizon. It's quite hypnotic to look at.

  6. That's the Grand Canal of Zambia. Alas, its only gondolier was eaten by a lion some time ago.


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