Time, Tide, Edit, Emit

In a lengthy treatise I have not read, Bradford W. Scharlott (journalism professor, potential sex offender)  argues Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy and birth of her fifth child, of whom she is actually the grandmother. It’s an interesting theory. A more interesting theory: what if Sarah Palin traveled back in time, to give birth to Barack Obama? It would explain why he’s gone to such lengths to conceal his long form birth certificate. We know for a fact, courtesy of the FBI,  USG recovered crashed flying saucers.  Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso has stated the craft were not spaceships from other planets, but time machines from the future. Corso, I just realized, kind of looks like Brad Scharlott. How many layers are there to this thing?


  1. Faking the pregnancy makes perfect sense, but faking the birth, too? Does that mean the child, also, is a fake?

    More likely, I think, is that she faked all five of her pregnancies and is still a virgin. I personally (as opposed to I generally) am not aware of any evidence against the unbrokenness of Sarah Palin's maidenhead.

  2. With the right connections you can easily get a spare baby from one of the underground clone farms.

  3. I won't allow your tawdry theorizing to dim my enthusiasm for our President (not to mention 'hope and change'), whose (some say feckless, I say 'Sure, insult the dead!') mother was knocked up at 17 by an already married black man, which only adds to the glory of his achievements (some say What achievements?, I say 'Racists!'), coming from humble origins as he did.


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