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In Women's Team Handball, Vardar SCBT overcame a "problematic start" to defeat Thüringer.

Rearranging the letters of PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN gives you HEROIN PAYS OFF, HIM LUMP.

From China comes word of a Chinaman who built some heavy (400kg) iron shoes he walks all over in (up to 15 meters each day). His competitors at heavy shoes include Zhang Zhenghui, who wears gold-painted shoes weighing 200kg, and a runner named  Liu Mei, who ties sandbags to his feet.

Next Saturday Dom and Russ from Chance will be rocking the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland.


  1. New from our amigos South of the Border: Heavy pointy boots!

  2. The connection between these tidbits is "Frankenstein"

    1. It is? I see the connection between Frankenstein and Germany and the shoes, but not to Hoffman or Cleveland.

      My journalistic standards have eroded - I'm not positive that picture is really Vardar SCBT, but I used it anyway.

  3. Hoffman was born to play Igor.

    In the case of Dom and Ross, the monster unbound becomes so monstrous he splits into two separate entities, clearly terrorizing the Cleveland villagers with his spine-chilling cries.

    Tenuous links, I know, but what first struck me.


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