Tempus Fugit

Exciting developments in Malaysia, where Across Difficult Country foreign correspondent Ismail Mat Taib has once again witnessed a barge wash up on the beach. The Daily Light reports:
A resident of Mempisang Beach, Kampung Jawa, was surprised to see an object lying just off the coast that he initially believed was float logs, but apparently a barge overturned. 
Local resident Ismail Mat Taib, 66, said he believed the barge is upside down due to the relatively strong waves.
"Three days ago I was patrolling the beach on a motorcycle around 4 pm and I saw a large object in the sea.
"At first I thought it was drift logs, but when viewed correctly, apparently it is a barge," he told the Daily Light. 
According to him, to this day no party has come forward to claim ownership of the barge. 
"Some villagers went to look, they look from a distance, to see if there were victims or goods, but they did not find anything," he said. 
Meanwhile, Ismail said, an eerily similar incident occurred five years ago* when he observed two barges materialize in the sea off the coast then wash ashore.
*Actually, it was seven years ago.


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