Potato Futures

I was drinking scotch (Dewar's, rocks) and reading Fruit-Inform (the leading information source on the fruits and vegetable markets of Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries), like I do most afternoons when I wake up, and I noticed the big Potatoes & Vegetables of Ukraine 2014 Conference was scheduled to be held in Kiev this Thursday. I’m no conspiracist, but isn't it curious Ukraine explodes in unrest and the Russians move into Crimea just before this crucial conference?

“I too find it curious,” observed Across Difficult Country's foreign correspondent Ismail Mat Taib. “If I were not so busy patrolling this damned beach on a motorcycle I would go and do some reporting from there. Which reminds me, did I ever tell you about the time a barge that I thought was full of potatoes had —"

Yes, yes you did.


  1. Odd that an item about potatoes should appear in Fruit Inform. Are we, perhaps, being fed some sort of citrus-centric disinformation regarding tuberous factions in the Crimea?
    Furthermore, I don't believe the two men in the picture have paid their Russian beard tax.

    1. I don't think it's that odd, it's the slippery slope - you start griping about grapes and without even wanting to end up yammering about yams. I think a fight broke out moments after that picture was taken.


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