Ancient Chinese 'wisdom' leads to funny modern headline

"Let's face it: People once laughed at acupuncture, and they weren't quite sure what to make of feng shui, either.

Still, while Chinese face reading lags far behind its ancient Chinese cousins in terms of earning Western mainstream acceptance, at least 18 women considered it worth examining in Jean Haner-Dowsett's Lake Forest Park living room yesterday.

It was her former mother-in-law who introduced her to face reading and feng shui (which teaches that location of one's home and placement of furnishings inside can promote success in the home) when she married into a Chinese family 25 years ago, and now Haner-Dowsett leads international workshops.

Chinese face reading, she says, allows someone to detect personal qualities and foibles from another's facial features. Last fall, for instance, it was presidential candidate Wesley Clark's strong jaw that told her he was the only Democrat who could have won the election.

Filmmaker Michael Moore's hooked nose, she says, breathes of an ability to handle money."
- In face reading, a way to stop judging others, By Marc Ramirez, Seattle Times staff reporter.


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