It's an opportunity that I don't want to miss

Despite all my efforts I have failed to capture or even sight the Medina Caiman. I did, however, discover this bit of possibly good news:

Experts Urge Redefinition Of The Kilogram

It’s time to replace the 115-year-old kilogram artifact as the world's official standard for mass, even though experiments generally thought necessary to achieve this goal have not yet reached their targeted level of precision. That the conclusion of an upcoming Metrologia journal article authored by five eminent scientists from the United States, United Kingdom and France that was discussed at a scientific meeting of the Royal Society of London on Feb. 14-15.

I'm no expert on kilograms (or even grams), but might I suggest 'the experts' use this rare opportunity to redefine the kilogram to make it equivalent to a pound? It would simplify things for everyone, in particular school children, Olympic weightlifters, and drug traffickers.


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