Steve Sailer is taking suggestions as to what subject he should write a book about. A subject I hope he doesn’t choose is saving Social Security via the creative storage of oldies (in lava tubes, in cars at the bottoms of ravines, on cruise ships, etc.), as that’s a book I plan on writing myself.

What does market research tell us? According to the New York Times, the current hardcover nonfiction bestsellers are:

1. THE WORLD IS FLAT, by Thomas L. Friedman
2. FREAKONOMICS, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
3. A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD, by Goldie Hawn with Wendy Holden
4. BLINK, by Malcolm Gladwell
5. MY LIFE SO FAR, by Jane Fonda

So in order to have a bestseller, one must either be a bullshit peddler or a has-been actress (Goldie Hawn??). A sex change is easily obtainable, but I wonder if Mr. Sailer isn't too busy for acting lessons.


  1. A sex change might even help to even out the now lop-sided debates Mr. Sailer now and then finds himself in with the hapless Garance Frank-Ruta.

  2. Ha! I still can't get over the popularity of the Goldie Hawn book. Who's buying that?

  3. I don't know - I asked my wife, who's not exactly a Proust reader, if she might be interested in she said she saw an interview and it didn't sound like there was anything in the book worth reading about. Could she be buying up copies herself?

  4. Goldie....a HAS BEEN???????????????

    Say it ain't so!


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