Drawing derogatory cartoons was mostly what I did in school

The reviews are saying that the new movie Kingdom of Heaven is not so good. I’m refusing to see it because it’s not explicitly pro-Crusader. Before he became a Hollywood big shot, Kingdom of Heaven's screenwriter William Monahan wrote a funny little novel called Light House (before he wrote Light House Monahan wrote for Spy Magazine).

In other news involving Mohammedans, the Pakistainis have become enraged by the “desecration of the Holy Quran by the US military interrogators and publication of an allegedly derogatory cartoon about Pakistan by an American newspaper.” In response, the Pakis are planning legal action:

Apparently referring to the cartoon carried by the daily Washington Times depicting Pakistan’s role in the US-led war against terrorism as that of a faithful dog, he said: “I think a legal notice will be the best option.”

Law and Justice Minister Mohammad Wasi Zafar said he thought a case against Quranic desecration could be instituted under international and US laws and called for a trial of those who committed this act.

This would be funny, except for that with the right lawyers and the right judge they might actually win. Note the Law and Justice Minister assumes that “Quranic desecration” is against the law in the United States. Would Pakistan still be our ally if its leaders knew that in America a man can wipe his ass with pages from the Koran if he wants? Perhaps we should send Minister Wasi Zafar some photos and find out.


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