And what do you call it? A broatee? A goateard?

Watching the 5:00 local news on the television today I saw two stories (one about a hit and run accident, the other about high gas prices) featuring interviews with men sporting a beard and a goatee at the same time (similar to the illustration at left). Did I witness something improbable? Or is this an increasingly popular style in facial hair that I've hitherto not noticed?


  1. The geard is the result of a man being too lazy to keep up the orthodox goatee. Most goatee wearers find shaving an entire face too much trouble to begin with anyway, so it's a natural progression.

    Similarly, a lot of people think the mullet started as a hair style in and of itself. The truth is that the back of the head, if your cutting your own hair (as mullet wearers overwhelmingly do), is simply quite difficult to cut evenly.

  2. Souns right. As a former mullethunter I find your theory as to its origin interesting as well. Now all we have do is figure out where, when, and how the term mullet came about.


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