Live in Switzerland.

Inventions stolen from the pastoralist Karamojong people of Uganda include a better mousetrap, a fashionable sandal made from recycled tires, and a distinctive haircut.

Minor design flaw discovered in Seattle monorail.

The Greek satirist Lucian (c. A.D. 120-180) describes visiting the moon: "Moonmen have artificial penises, generally of ivory but, in the case of the poor, of wood...The diet is the same for everyone: frog."


  1. nice sandals!

    Wish I could have seen a pic of the famous haircut!

    On a more somber note, your comments please on this story....


  2. I tried to find a large picture of the 'Kajong cut' but couldn't. Try this:


    That's a fascinating article, I remember reading about some of that stuff when it happened. What's the deal with all the female military leaders over there?

  3. your comments aren't working.

  4. Surely the "fashionable" sandal is about as believable as UFO abduction

  5. I meant fashionable in a relative sense, as in comparison to sandals made out of tires that other tribes make and wear. You are correct to point out that sandals, in absolute terms, are never fashionable.

  6. Well, unless you wear socks with them....


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