via Google Print: An Entirely Novel System

Practical Ventriloquism, 1904 by Robert Ganthony.

An excellent guide to the art of throwing one’s voice that is delightfully free from the political correctness that permeates more modern works on ventriloquism.


  1. In the summer of 1964 or '65, my childhood friend Mark acquired one of those books on "How to Throw Your Voice" that used to be advertised in the backs of comic books (along with Sea Monkeys, and the maniacally grinning fellow in the X-Ray glasses). We tried it out one day on some of the tough kids (known as "hoods" back then) who hung out at the corner drugstore, yelling all kinds of witty and rude things about their mothers. We projected our voices as per the instructions, and...we got caught and got our asses kicked. My first experience with false advertising.

  2. Did you then go back and practice and practice until you got so good at it you were able to turn the tables on the 'hoods' and by using a variety of cleverly thrown voices trick them into fighting each other and so having the last laugh?

  3. No, sir. One whuppin' was enough.


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