Dolphin future

A dolphin with legs has been captured:
"Japanese researchers said Sunday a bottlenose dolphin captured last month has an extra set of fins that could be the remains of back legs”

“The second set of fins - much smaller than the dolphin's front fins - are about the size of human hands and protrude from near the tail on the dolphin's underside. The dolphin measures 2.72 metres and is about five years old, the museum said.
A freak mutation may have caused the ancient trait to reassert itself”
Dolphins, as you may recall from school, were once four-legged land animals. At some point in the distant past they left the land for the sea (or “transitioned to an aquatic lifestyle”, as the anonymous wire service author of the article linked to above amusingly puts it).

Why dolphins did this remains a mystery, possibly it was to avoid being eaten by dinosaurs. My own theory is they did it to get out of paying their heavy credit card debts.

If dolphins are growing legs again, they must be planning a move back to land in the near future, which means a day will surely come when the dolphins waddle out of the ocean on to the beach, stroll past stunned sunbathers, and head on down to the local government offices to demand in high pitched squeaky voices they be given welfare checks and free medical care.


  1. Well as long as the pink ones don't get legs we are fine, because they're the ones with magical powers.

  2. I forgot about the pink ones. This whole thing was probably their idea. Or else the Beluga whales.

  3. Your last paragraph is an accurate evocation of our local surf beach at the end of September.


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