The Tide: Can monkeys teach a lesson?

A Tide1 correspondent visits a monkey a preserve, and discovers monkeys are a lot like people:
“To a first time visitor, one of the noticeable traits of these animals is that they are truly African species, highly social and live in groups of 15-30, much like the typical African extended family life system, each animal of the same family look out for others.”
Even better than people, in some ways:
“A female monkey takes her sexual reproductive health and rights very seriously. Sexual reproductive health and rights is one of the actions that Africans must seek to fulfil to achieve the target of the Millennium Development Goals, 2015. There is also no question of perverse sexuality or violent sex.”
The Tide correspondent also notices:
“Interestingly, every animal in the group does the bidding of the dominant male.”
That is interesting...

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