Last week in review

Last Thursday Steve "the Grape Guy" Spalding, of Dallas, TX, “caught 116 tossed grapes in his mouth in three minutes in what he hopes will become a new Guinness World Record”. Inspired by Spalding’s feat, a similar world record was attempted by Archie “the Coconut Dude” Rawlings, of Federal Way, WA. As of this morning Mr. Rawlings remains in critical condition.

In other stupid news from last week, Toys for Tots, a charity that provides Christmas presents to needy children, has rejected the donation of 4,000 foot-tall talking Jesus dolls because the dolls might offend Jews and Muslims. Why Jews and Muslims are celebrating Christmas no one can say, but it would be easy enough for the Muslim children to pretend the foot-tall talking Jesus is Osama Bin Laden. And couldn’t the Jewish children use the doll to stage make-believe crucifixions? That’s what’s wrong with kids these days - no imagination.

UPDATE: Toys for Tots has reversed itself, and will accept the foot-tall talking Jesus dolls.


  1. They should bury those 4000 foot-tall talking Jesus dolls in a bunker, and in 3000 years time, presto, terracotta army mk II.

  2. As the bunker is opened, they all start talking at once...


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