I become a translucent doughnut

Initial hopes the discovery of a “reclusive” sea creature resembling a "translucent doughnut" would lead to a revolution in snacking (imagine something like a fresh lobster tank, only filled with living donuts) were dashed after scientists determined the animal, Diazona angulata, was filled with deadly toxins.

Speaking of creatures, I frequently scan the pages of Whitby Today hoping to find there’s been another sighting of the mysterious Sandsend Blob. None has been reported, though the appearance of a different kind of animal recently drew quite a crowd to Whitby Harbour - a seal pup, which looked to be trapped on the rocks "next to the bandstand". It turns out the juvenile pinniped was only resting, and after being annoyed by the local authorities scampered down the beach to the water’s edge, then "headed out to sea after its short stay in the town maybe to return one day soon in the future."

Maybe someday the Blob will return, too.


  1. You certainly have every reason to hope so.

  2. I'm possibly too interested in that blob.

    I assume you're snowed in? At least your snow isn't orange (see below).


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