From Jamaica comes word of a strange beast on the loose. Scott Town banana farmer Maas Helton describes his terrifying encounter:
"It was around 3 o'clock inna di morning. Mi decide fi get up early and go inna mi field. Mi and mi dog go round a di back and mi only see when the dog walk off. So mi stand up one side fi see where him a go. Den mi hear one digging noise and mi look and see something a dig up di banana tree. Mi frighten now and bend down behind one bush and a watch. Mi see di dog walk up to di creature and den mi just hear whoo, whoo! When mi hear dat mi gallop weh left all di dog! Dem bwoy out a road say mi too fraid, but mi nuh care!"
Helton is convinced the creature hypnotized his dogs:
“Mi have four big dog and none a dem ever make noise when di creature come around. Is like him hypnotise dem wid him eye dem."
Many in Scott Town believe the creature is of supernatural origin, even a demon of some sort. A few think it’s an out of place kangaroo. Others note how, except for the legs, snout, fur, and taste for bananas, this creature is eerily reminiscent of the infamous Sandsend Blob.


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