Mysteries of the Dark Continent

From Nigeria comes word of a perplexing anomaly known as the Aboogun footprint, or Foot Print. According to Yinka Oladoyinbo “The footprints fit all legs, irrespective of the size or the shape.” (I told you it was perplexing.) Segun Fatuase adds “The Agboogun Foot Print fits any size of foot. The mystery is that those with small feet, flat feet or any other size for that matter get a snug fitting once they measure their feet with the Agboogun Foot Print.”

Despite it fitting any size foot, some feet don’t fit the Aboogun footprint. As Fatuase observes:
“It is also believed that those whose feet do not fit the Agboogun Foot Print are those with evil intentions, particularly witches and wizards. According to Pa Ajayi, “only a few persons have been so identified in this manner. Thousands of feet have been measured and deemed fit in this way. The Agboogun Foot print has defied any human understanding.”
He’s got that right. If you’re in the neighborhood of the Aboogun footprint don’t miss the Agboogun mat, a magical mat previously owned by an “eight-foot man”.


  1. I once "dated" (as you Americans say) a flat-footed girl. Attempts to discover the mysery behind that also proved abortive.

    Further, I'm not sure the world is ready for the "potentials" of the Idanre indigenes. Nonetheless I await your report.

  2. Or rather, the report of the Tide or the Tribune.

  3. Flatfooted - and where was the Aboogun footprint (or Foot Print) when you needed it? Whatever it is. Which I still can't figure out. I've been worried you'd been kidnapped by the slimes, or kobolds or something.

    Did you know The Sun News has a 'Romance' column? Enjoy. I have a feelin that crappy link is the follow up.


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