Synchronicity or sorcery?

The Sunday Sport newspaper has reported the controversial sport of Tieraufstapelung, or animal stacking, is coming to Whitby:
“a sick animal circus which forces bears to ride horses and monkeys to ride goats is set to be staged in Whitby.

The Sunday Sport said the Animal Olympics, which has been an annual event in Guilin, China for the past 10 years, is coming to the town in August.”
This may be nothing more than an odd coincidence, or it may be I have a fan working for the UK’s finest newspaper, or it may be I am unknowingly entwined in the diabolic tendrils of Whitbian thaumaturgy, and it is already too late.


  1. I'll bet the Sandsend Blob is quivering with fear.

  2. I think we know now how the blob got here: it was summoned.


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