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Flipping channels I caught an absurd exchange between Peter Beinart, the pre-pubescent writer for the New Republic, and Patrick Buchanan. Debating the impending amnesty of millions of illegal aliens Buchanan asked the cub reporter “Why are you taking this risk?” It’s a simple, sensible question, one those wishing to irrevocably alter America should be able to easily answer. Beinart responded, “Because the potential for America to become a stronger country is absolutely enormous.”

If more Mexicans make a country stronger, wouldn’t Mexico be the strongest country on the Earth? To think Beinart is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (he joined right after leaving the Mouseketeers).

And yet, surprisingly enough, all is not gloom on the immigration front. Our despicable rulers are so inept they may have bungled the grand immigration sell-out. How fitting. The knife wielded by the stupid man cuts in all directions, as the saying goes.1

1Where’s that from?


  1. Mexican culture update:
    80% Hispanic Santa Ana, CA leads the nation in mail carrier dog bites with 96 last year. All of NYC had zero.

  2. I wonder how many of those bites were pitbull? Add responsible pet ownership to the lengthy list of responsible behaviors we take for granted and mistakenly asssume anyone who comes here is automatically going to adopt, "just because".

  3. "The knife wielded by the stupid man cuts in all directions"

    It's Aztec, I think.


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