Más vibrante para ti

In a speech last Friday President Bush said, "Our nation is more vibrant because of the contributions made by Hispanic Americans in all sectors of our society."

Although he didn't go on to name any specific contributions which have increased our Gross National Vibrancy the ones that leap to my mind at least are the taco, the lowrider car, and a recently developed bit of 'spice in the melting pot' known as el bomba del gato:
"A sicko set a cat on fire in East Boston, and then used the burning, screeching animal as a live Molotov cocktail, chucking it at the window of a house, a crime that investigators believe could be connected to gang violence.

The live fireball was heaved at a first-floor window at 204 Princeton St. in the Eagle Hill section of the neighborhood, leaving the charred outline of the tortured animal in the screen of the two-family home.

"This kid threw something at the house. It was on fire. It was making noises," said construction worker Juan Martinez, who was driving by the attack. "It was terrible."

Horrified neighbors outside the scene cried yesterday, looking at the burned remains of the cat. "It's awful, awful," Santiago Cruz, 43, said. "This is not normal."

Investigators are exploring whether the incident could be related to the MS-13 gang, a notorious enterprise with strong roots in East Boston. Police sources said there is usually unexplained violence on the 13th of every month committed at the hands of young punks associated with the gang."


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