Amorphous Portents

Since its unnerving appearance in November of 2006 there have been no further reports of the mysterious Sandsend blob, but I have learned of an earlier blob visitation at the scene of a world famous car crash:
"In the recent Channel 4 documentary The Witnesses in the Tunnel, she [Princess Diana] disappeared behind a grey blob, which obscured the body the doctors were trying to resuscitate."
We know from subsequent events the Sandsend blob was a harbinger of doom for Whitby. The presence of a blob at a gruesome accident suggests the blobs might be both an ill omen and a cause of terrible events, perhaps even feeding off human suffering in some manner.

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  1. I often see blobs at night and then the next day I experience great pain. They may be warnings of some kind.

    However I sometimes see blobs while I am actually suffering through the pain. These blobs seem to be not harbingers so much as avengers, perhaps avenging the alcohol I consumed the previous night before I started seeing the first set of blobs.


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