The city abounds

Fantastic day, in the span of a few hours I observe a midget riding a scooter, a man with an artificial leg, and an albino.

Seeing one, two, four or more midgets is good luck. Three midgets together is bad luck. Three midgets encountered separately means something terrible is going to happen.

Seeing a person with an artificial leg is neither good nor bad luck. Seeing an artificial leg without a person attached to it portends the start of a period of increased improbability.

Seeing an albino means your packages will be arriving on time. Unless the albino is left handed, then your shipment will be delayed. Seeing an albino midget with an artificial leg would be so sad just thinking about it makes me laugh.


  1. I would like to know what is in those packages.

  2. Have you tried remote viewing the packages?

  3. this explains alot.

  4. A few minutes after I followed that link a bowling ball fell out of the sky into my yard.


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