The politics of demeaning

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  1. Astonishing and abominable as always. I shall certainly have to promote it.

    I'm not sure about the Google ads. I looked into it at one point and it appeared that they produce zilch unless your blog is actually about hepithelial mesangioma, fake Social Security cards, high-rate balloon mortgages, etc, etc. You might want to try investigating these subjects to see if it raises your rakeoff. Or try mold and fungus - sometimes people address me as "Moldy," and Gmail always produces the most appalling advertisments.

  2. Thanks for the support, maybe I'll make an effort to throw stuff up over there.

    The ads are a joke, they make the whole thing more vulgar. I wonder about the blog ads. I've never clicked on a blog ad link. I asked around, and no one I know has either. Strange, isn't it? Who is clicking all these links?

  3. Relentless vulgarity is the great theme of our era, and your unscientific little "survey" is about as statistically significant as Pauline Kael's social circle. The great unwashed are out there. They clamor in the streets, they pound on our doors, they harass our women with lewd and unpunished slurs, they click on blog ads. But probably not on our blog ads.

    I am sad to say that, in my opinion, no attempt to parody vulgarity can succeed. At least not in the graphic-design department. I am amused by the idea of clicking directly over to, say, Obama - perhaps Ted Nelson's two-way Web would really find some utility in this context - but not enough to make me want to look at little fine-printy squiggles, which my medulla has spent the last five years trying to learn to ignore.


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