They are going for a meeting

The slob-orgy that is the ‘holiday shopping season’ coming on the heels of the festival of stupidity that is Thanksgiving with my family always dangerously heightens my already considerable loathing of humanity. To cool my spleen I put down my rifle and turn to the pages of The Tide News:
This is a bizarre story that unfolded recently in one of the communities in Rivers State where a vulture was said to have turned to a woman.

Small Talks was told that the said vulture was in company of three other vultures that perched on a tree close to a building where a young man recently died and had been buried in the community.

On seeing the four vultures, since in African setting, vultures portend evil omen, relations of the deceased young man were said to have chased them away.

While three of the other vultures fled the scene, one of them was said to have remained firmly rooted to where it was perching.

According to the story, when pebbles were cast on it, it surprisingly turned to a woman. [MORE]
That is suprising. The Tide also brings the confession of a repentant wizard in Church:
“I was two years old when my grand mother initiated me into so many cults. I killed my mother because she rejected me, I killed my father in an accident.

I also killed my twin brother Obinna . I killed my sisters, killed my elder sister and her husband.

I killed my last sister, I buried her alive. I have initiated so many children, boys and girls, women, men, pastors who used the powers I gave to them to commit havoc (evil). In my village I communicated with the mermaids in the mermaid world named Linda and Diana Ross.

I promised not to marry in this world. Each time I want to go to the snake world, I turn to a snake physically and each time I want to visit the vulture world, I turn to a vulture.

I abort pregnancies and make women barren. I visit strong churches and diminish their numbers. I have the powers to initiate people on phone. I have initiated a lot of pastors and killed virgins which I used their heads to bury in altars. I give handkerchiefs to pastors which they use to prophesy as they clean their faces. My mother I killed is still in my temple, I drank her blood that was my first sacrament (Holy Communion).

I saw this church in my altar and I was warned not to come because the church is powerful but I insisted that I must come because I have killed so many people and needed deliverance.

I went to Mountain of Fire Church, the redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Embassy, initiated a lot of their members and those of them speaking in tongues.

At this juncture, he stopped confessing and started crying. Apostle Abia then commanded him in the name of Jesus to talk on, so that he can be free and be a new creature.

There, he went on again. “At times the police will look for me I will then change to a woman, when they are gone I will change back to a boy.

I go to schools and initiate them, both Elementary and Secondary schools, I take their brains, I invoked evil spirit into the breeze.

At Anambra State, Nnewi to be precise, I killed some virgins and I moved to Onitsha and killed so many people through motor accident, there is one like that, the luxurious bus fell into the river.

“My name is sucker blood. I send the python (snake) to kill people. He released an information demonstrating that if you see a vulture in your compound or house, it is not a vulture but a human being on assignment. Birds in group flight are not ordinary birds, they are going for a meeting.

This world is vanity, I started my atrocities too early, I thought I have the whole world and powers.

As am initiating them, I gave some people wrist watches, crosses, rings, others necklace, all these people must bow to me. I initiated a pastor’s wife and now the oracle is broken in this church.

Names of some of my demons are living in darkness, 33, YY, 99, Master Dunga, mermaids etc. [MORE]


  1. I visit strong churches and diminish their numbers.

    The bastard!

    For the past few days I've been wandering the Nigerian countryside visiting the Absolutely STRONGEST Churches and and have been astonished to see that they haven't been able to turn my wife back into a vulture. Heck, they couldn't even turn my sister into my wife.

    Now I know why. Oh sinister, sinister man...


  2. I'll See your vultures and Raise you a vanishing penis (which, in and of itself, would be a weird sight).



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