White negroes and black Jesuses

Was Jesus a descendant of black extraterrestrial time travelers? The Canadian, Canada’s finest newspaper, investigates.

In other news, novelist and vulgarian Norman Mailer has died. While no one reads his fugging books anymore (much like Norman himself, as they aged they only became more rancid) his film Tough Guys Don’t Dance is now widely recognized as the second best movie of 1987.


  1. Woah...'The Canadian'...it's not like The Onion? Or Scrappleface or whatever? Jesus.

    *Black* *alien* Jesus.

  2. As soon as I saw the story I clicked over instantly to Amazon and ordered my copy of The White Negro. Figured the price might go up. Just a hunch.

    Perhaps I'll do a co-review with None Dare Call It Treason and The Greening Of America...

  3. I assume as soon as you saw my blog post, you clicked over and bought The Gospel According to Black Time Travelling Jesus as well.

    Unlike everything else he wrote, I actually finished White Negro. I remembered it being funny, so I googled up this excerpt, which is indeed funny:

    "One is Hip or one is Square...one is a rebel or one conforms, one is a frontiersman in the Wild West of American night life, or else a Square cell, trapped in the totalitarian tissues of American society, doomed willy-nilly to conform if one is to succeed."

    Good luck with your review. I always get Charles Reich confused with William Reich, the Orgone energy guy. They weren't related, were they?

  4. Not at all, although they probably should have been.

    I actually haven't read Greening of America - what I have is even better, Reich's sequel The Wizard of Bolinas Reef, wherein he recounts how marijuana and gay rentboys woke him up from his empty, meaningless existence as a Yale law professor.

    I don't think the sequel sold as well. But it's hard to imagine Greening is quite so hilarious. Perhaps Wizard will go down in history as an underappreciated sophomore masterpiece. Not unlike the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique, which features the immortal lines:

    I'm a writer
    A poet
    A genius
    I know it
    I don't buy cheeba
    I grow it.

    To paraphrase Hunter Thompson, we certainly have learned a lot about cheeba since then.

  5. To be fair, being a Yale law professor is an empty, meaningless existence.

    Thanks for bringing up Paul's Boutique. That's the first time that's happened here (or is it?).

    I like to remind people who think they can't change the world Paul's Boutique couldn't be made today because of a lawsuit over samples between Gilbert O'Sullivan and Biz Markie.


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