Dispatch from the Philippines

In Batangas, a man armed with a knife “ran amuck”, killing two and wounding two others before killing himself.

In Lucena City, a man on a tricycle “reportedly ran amuck”, chasing friends and family with a bolo until police arrived and filled him full of holes.

In possibly related news, soldiers shot an “amok” Mussuleman at the Zamboanga checkpoint, while in Barangay Coronon a pervert “went amok after he was forbidden by his relative to continue his illicit affair with his own niece”.


  1. Went amok? One does not "go" amok. Without running, there can be no mok.

  2. Villages in that part of the world have special municipal equipment for corralling locals who are running amok. It's a regular occurrence.

  3. At least at first the Lucena City man was pedaling amok, Yarb.

    It is popular, Steve, despite the police having a zero tolerance policy for amuckers.

  4. Where for art thou, Romeo?

    Running Amok, apparently.


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