The second swindle

“The official theme of Mr. Obama’s inauguration is “A New Birth of Freedom,” a phrase taken from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.” - The Washington Times.

You may have noticed Obama is quite the Abe Lincoln enthusiast. Read p.38-39 of Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America by Gary Wills and you will understand why.

See related commentaries by by Joseph Sobran and Sam Francis.


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  2. For Lincoln, you can't beat Edgar Lee Masters.

    It's interesting to note that your average Obongolator has exactly the same modus operandi as your average Lincoln hagiographer. Select some speech delivered by the great one, assume it represents the innermost great thoughts of the great one, and tell us all about the great man who thinks/thought these great, inner thoughts.

    At least Lincoln wrote his own lines. Dear America, this is what you get for electing Jon Favreau. Mencken was right about that, too. Who's gonna carjack your K-car?

    The bright side: after four years of Obongo, Americans will be clamoring for the Duke of Alva.

  3. "after four years of Obongo, Americans will be clamoring for the Duke of Alva"

    Similar to how Americans have clamored for the restoration of the pre-Gettysburg Constitution?

  4. re Moldbug's assertion that "at least Lincoln wrote his own lines." Like the Gettysburg Address? I heard that was cobbled together from Theodore Parker sermons, and the Bible, with a dash of Daniel Webster. Truth often lacks the occasion, but the occasion never lacks truth. And words from the past mean more now than they did then. So, stop your scoffing, and listen to the man who has the podium.

  5. In college I had a podium, Lloyd. I was strolling late one spring evening and I saw it lying abandoned in a classroom with an open window. I rescued it and brought it back to my dorm room.

  6. What was your alma mater and major?

  7. Speaking about Lincoln let us not forget Bob Newhart:


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