A better future

Instead of creating a new ugly building, acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind ’s latest project is the vandalization of an old building normal human beings enjoy looking at.

The “improved” Dresden military museum.

Presented as a war memorial, the result is merely a monument to the talentlessness, vulgarity and egomania its designer. Libeskind says “You can't do architecture if you don't believe in a better future.” In a better future his buildings would be razed to the ground.


  1. In a better future - architects such as Libeskind would be hanged in the town square as a warning to others.

    Speaking of architects, CVC - have you seen Theodore Dalrymple's denunciation of Corbusier ( http://www.city-journal.org/2009/19_4_otbie-le-corbusier.html )?

  2. He should be impaled on the point of that glass thing. I will have to read that article. This is what Corbusier wanted to do to Paris.

    Have you ever read Tom Wolfe's book on modernist architecture From Bauhaus to Our House? It's quite funny.

  3. I'm afraid I haven't read that book - I shall have to add it to the list. As for Corbusier - he is nothing but an inhuman and inhumane vandal.

  4. It's not very long.

    Much of modern architecture isn't just inhuman, it's anti-human.

  5. Oh, stop complaining!

  6. Lloyd, if it's complaints you don't want, I suggest reading this about the cameleopard.

  7. It makes me wish the 8th Air Force could bomb Dresden again.

  8. Corbusier is quite a hatable figure, but I have to tip my hat for him dedicating a book "To Authority".

  9. Corbusier begat Phillip Johnson and I.M. Pei. - literally, judging by the pictures.


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