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Varanus bitatawa
Giant lizards were discovered living in the "heavily populated and highly deforested" Philippines island of Luzon. The shy reptiles, a new species, are vegetarians and didongular. Scientists say the six and a half foot long lizards escaped detection by spending “all their time high up in trees”. Obviously scientists are so lazy hiding from them is easy, something to remember the next time a scientist denies the existence of the Sandsend Blob.

I recently discovered one of my entries quoted in a book.


  1. The article makes a lot out of this lizard having a double penis. There were no photos though, which is odd.

    "Unlike the Komodo, though, Varanus bitatawa has evolved to be a vegetarian."

    I take it they mean 'herbivore'. And is 'has evolved to be' the new science word for 'is'?

    Crazy scientists...

  2. I'm glad there were no photos. Good point about "has evolved". They may choose to be vegetarians.

  3. "I recently discovered one of my entries quoted in a book"

    Congratulations, you're famous!

  4. I Remember Reggie White is arguably the best book about an NFL defensive lineman that quotes me ever written.

  5. The reason they cannot find the lizards is that the reptilians have escaped to Finland, masquerading as musicians.

  6. There used to be a local rapper/musician who would dress up like a dinosaur. I took a girlfriend to see him, I distinctly recall her failing to appreciate his genius.


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