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I discover Whitby’s oldest tradition is a ritual penance for the murder of a hermit, which I‘m sure doesn't surprise you.*

In other Whitby news, children are terrified by the packs of dogs roaming Whitby’s beaches. Whitby’s beaches are “among the best places to visit in the whole country”.

Meanwhile, in Grimsby, the library staff are “brilliant” and bright red “slipper socks” have been “rolled out on the wards”. If the Grimbarians ever ritually murdered a hermit they've done a good job of covering it up, there’s nothing on the record.

*I could go on at length about the symbolic significance of the hermit being killed by three hunters, and all the triadic aspects of the ritual. I’m sure that doesn't surprise you, either.


  1. Rather disappointing that the Grimsby newspaper failed to print Tricia Oslear's Nana's details so we could all enjoy her (no doubt) remarkable and entertaining story. Perhaps I shall write in to complain.

    1. They found out Nana ritually murdered a hermit, and are covering it up.

  2. The latest Whitby scandal: Whitby politician has revealed his marriage is on the ropes - because he's cheating on his wife with an alien.


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