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The Seattle Times reports:
King County prosecutors say a former White Center1 woman, believing her daughter was a "demon," drowned the 6-year-old girl in a bathtub, chopped off her head and threw her body from a bridge.

Samara Spann, 30, now living in California, was charged yesterday with first-degree murder in the slaying of her daughter Kyeimah on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1. Prosecutors say she killed her daughter because she believed she was possessed and "would not stay in bed and kept interrupting" a telephone conversation.
The AP reports (scroll down):
Samara Spann's father, Gary Spann, told The Sacramento Bee that his daughter routinely called Kyeimah a "devil child" and belonged to a cult that worships the late rapper Tupac Shakur as the reincarnation of Machiavelli2, a 16th century political philosopher.
1An ironic name now, given the area’s demographics, unofficially known as ‘Rat City’.

2This author explains Shakur fans:
...played around with numerology and felt Tupac was going to come back to life - be resurrected - exactly seven years after his death. (They got this idea partly because the record released two months after Tupac's death was subtitled "The 7 Day Theory" and released under the pseudonym Makaveli, named after the Italian statesman/writer Niccol Machiavelli, who faked his death3 and came back seven days later to take revenge on his enemies.)
3Devotees of Tupac Shakur inexplicably believe Machiavelli faked his own death.


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