Lucky Numbers 8, 12, 21, 23, 30, 42

Good news! The Chinese have developed a new method for the early detection of Alzheimer’s. As shown in the illustration above, the top of the patient's head is sawn off. Then a group of elderly and inscrutable Chinamen gather round and squint at the patient’s exposed brain in order to ‘read’ the patients brain wrinkles. A lengthy and animated discussion ensues, until finally the wise men deliver their verdict. Not only will they tell the patient if he is going to get Alzheimer’s, but they can also predict the patient’s fortune by this method.

In other health news, it seems that parents in Indonesia are big and fat, but children in Indonesia are skinny. Perhaps some of the has-been rock stars who were not invited to participate in Live 8 can organize a benefit concert? In the West we take it for granted that most children are fatties just like their parents. If we all shared, just a little bit, of our resources and knowledge, we could get these Indonesian children as obese as their gluttonous parents.


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