Monkey economics and the Catgarookey

Keith Chen, a Yale economist, has taught capuchin monkeys how to spend money. But can he teach the monkeys to save adequately for retirement? I doubt it.

Chen describes working with the monkeys:

"You can feed them marshmallows all day, they'll throw up and then come back for more."

Chen fails to give the reason why he is feeding the funny little monkeys marshmallows all day until they become sick, I suspect it’s because he can (‘scientists’ tormenting animals for no good reason has sadly become all too common).

Meanwhile in the UK:

A mysterious creature described as a cross between a kangaroo, a leopard, a monkey and a cat is stalking Salisbury.

In a state of nature you would never find that range of creatures mating to produce an offspring. The only logical explanation is that disgusting inter-species orgies are taking place in British zoos. Someone should pay a capuchin monkey to go ‘under cover’ and investigate.


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