Send lawyer guns and money. Actually, forget the guns, just send money.

By now everyone knows of Live 8, a series of concerts various has-been rock stars are staging to raise money for the blighted Negroes of Africa (it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it). An unintended consequence of this over-hyped charity event is that those closer to home in need get overlooked. Our old friend Stephen Bainbridge, for instance. Despite the six-figure plus salary he's paid as a professor of law at UCLA, Professor Bainbridge seems to have fallen on hard times to such an extent he’s been begging readers of his blog to send him money to pay for household items. I’m not alone in worrying the Professor’s oenophilia may have progressed to oenomania, or even dipsomania.

Given that he’s on summer break in California, one might think Professor Bainbridge could supplement his income by picking grapes. But, as the Professor himself has noted, all the grape picking jobs have already been taken by illegal aliens. It’s so terribly sad.


  1. The professor's pathetic begging just serves to increase my own smug sense of self importance. Perhaps I will help his cause once my next dividend check arrives. How satisfying to know that underemployed Americans are able to scrape by soliciting donations from each other while I enjoy the fruits of our industrial empire.

  2. Why not send a donation to a law professor in Mexico in Prof. Bainbridges name?

  3. I would buy him ten of these "laptops" he desires if he would be willing to serve his summer break as foreman of all these unruly Mexicans working my winery estate.


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