Elsewhere: It is, after all, knitting

"I think that is what is going on, poor evil Kathy with no blog, no design on the cover of a magazine regardless of weather it is good or bad, no classes to teach, no books to edit or write. Granted yes she has stuff in a book and good for her, but I'm sure that it must rankle, why her and not me? I'm just as good if not better. Must attack when she complains about something, must pull the princess out of the castle. Except there is no castle just someone who works hard at something she loves and is really lucky to be able to share it with the world. That's all it is luck and a lot of hard work. I feel sorry for poor evil Kathy so bound up and twisted it must be hard for her on some days to think straight. But to put it into perspective it is after all knitting..."

Also highly recommended is "Knitters can be bitches":

So, it's ok for you and your friends to follow people sureptiously at fiber arts shows to take photos of their sweaters for the express purpose of making fun of them. Granted this is an old example but it's probably one of your most visible...Guess what? fuzzy yarn scarves will get knitted, acrylic yarn will be used to make sweaters and you might not like that but I really think that the majority of people don't care what you think.


  1. "...Guess what? fuzzy yarn scarves will get knitted, acrylic yarn will be used to make sweaters.."

    I think she meant to say that acrylic yarn will continue to be used by cheap tramps, the sort who most often ply their trade in truck stop parking lots. Their procurers will be the one wearing the fuzzy yarn scarves.

    AS FOR THE REST OF US, we will stick to natural fibers, thank you very much!

  2. That's highly amusing, Mr. Anonymous, but I worry that jokes such as yours will result in my being drawn into the intercine battles of the 'knitting community'. These are angry, irrational people, and they all have big needles.

    On a lighter note, Fuzzy Yarn Scarves would be a good name for a band.


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