Reader Survey

Select the answer which best completes the following sentence.
What's depicted in this scene is _____:

a) perfectly normal.

b) odd.

c) insane.

d) something I've done (or would like to do) myself.
Judging by the look on his face, he's as mystified as I am as to why he's being presented with a platter of fruits and vegetables. He also appears to be wearing a collared shirt.


  1. The cat is definitely wearing a collared shirt. As a youth, I was refused entry to a nightclub (reputed to be full of Fabulous Women, if only one could gain entry. To the club) because of my perfectly respectable Polo shirt.

    This cat would have been admitted. Jesus wept.

  2. I like chicken
    I like liver
    Meow Mix Meow Mix
    please deliver

  3. See, that mouse...disguised as an apple....

    Can't fool a hairless cat though!

  4. Anon #1: I'm sure that cat would put you on the guest list if he knew you. He seems like the kind of cat that would do that.

    STAG: They seem to be giving the cat grapes. I know that grapes are poisonous to dogs. If grapes are also poisonous to cats, that may be a picture of an attempted murder.

  5. They are??

    No kidding!


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