Betty please, pick up

Betty Friedan, 1921-2006

Feminist icon Betty Friedan is dead. I’m incapable of writing anything about the woman as funny as the hagiography of her in the New York Times.

The harm Friedan and her followers inflicted on society is discussed in How civilizations fall, an essay by the great Kenneth Minogue.


  1. How dare you, after all this person has achieved on behalf of all of us. I suppose no great accomplishment is without its cost in suffering indignity at the hands of the unappreciative.

    Grandpa Al Lewis certainly deserves better; and only resembles Friedan because he grew the moustache.

  2. Didn't Al and the guy who played Eddie end up involved in porn? No, don't any of you post links. Don't even post an answer, even, just think the answer in your respective brains.

  3. She looks like the man in the moon in Georges Melies slient work of early cinematic genius "Trip To The Moon"

  4. Indeed. Ironically, it's because of the work of those such as Friedan that today a woman can be the man in the moon if that's what her goal is.

    Speaking of Melies, I have a memory from my childhood of checking a book out from the library which contained over 50 pages of frames from that movie, combined with a little bit of text analysis. But I've never been able to find it again...

  5. I don't know about porn, but I believe that Al was a college basketball scout for a long time. He was also a regular on the Howard Stern Show.

    It's also because of Friedan that the term "Man in the Moon" is suppressed as sexist.


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