Thanks Chuck

"Although one news account says Zito knocked out actor Gary “I’m Ugly” Busey, Chuck tells me he only “bitch-slapped” him. “He’s just another guy who’s disrespectful. He just got stupid and jumped in my face, so I bitch-slapped him because he had a plate in his head. I said, ’I bitch-slapped you like a girl.’...Maybe that’s why I don’t get so much work—I’m known for cracking a few celebrities,” he laughs." - Chuck Zito Can Kick your Ass [NSFW]


  1. Listen, Mr. Trailer Park has always been one of my favorite B-movie actors, but he had it coming. Rumor has it he has just starred with Billy Zane in some Turkish action flick in which he plays an American Jewish doctor who harvests organs from Iraqis (Iraquis?) for sale. That's throwing gasoline on the fire, Gary, and not good public relations for Uncle Sam, to say the least.

  2. Mr. Anon: I know. That's why I was thanking Chuck.

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  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the Chuck Zito article you linked to.
    You see, I too was born to kick ass. All manner of ass.
    I have been derelict in this duty. But no more. Henceforth it's ass-kicking for me. Ass kicking will be my raison d'etre. Ass kicking, not love, is the answer. What was the question, you say? Shut up or I'll kick your ass.
    I just might kick your ass if you're not careful. Nothing personal, you understand. It's what I do. Ass kicking that is.
    Why did I detete my previous comment? Do you want your ass kicked, or something?
    I could go on like this all day, but then I have to go, that's right, kick some ass.

  5. I wish you all the best in your ass kicking endeavours, Dennis. And if you meet anyone with a plate in his head, bitch slap him for me.


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