Tonight makes love to all your kind

Some thoughts on Valentine's Day, from Tide Online correspondent Julie Jumbo:
"...But if I may ask, do we really know what love is? Majority of people out there just want to be associated with; let it look as if they know how to love (faking).

Some husbands will be seen outside their homes with their girl friends and not their wives as they termed their wives old fashioned, only good in making babies.

Some good husbands will appreciate their wives and they will show them how much they care.

Women are not left out in this; some women will be seen outside their matrimonial homes looking for young men to fornicate with...

...Cards, love letters, flowers etc. are received by loved ones and intending partners who on this day speak out their minds to loved ones. I love you so much and I want you to be mine forever till death do us part.

Those sweet nothings are necessary as it keep one’s mind panting and believing to be loved. [more]"

BONUS: Julie Jumbo, on the dark side of romance:
"...For such men as Y, to survive is to live by the sixth sense. It is to be alert to the warning bristling of those hairs on the nape of one’s neck for them to survive is to be street wise. Y learnt of the baby five months after it was born. He did the simple additions and substractions of required months and the funny feelings was explained. The import descended and he became an enraged bull.

First he rushed strength to the bitch and physically worked on her, gave her two black eyes. Then decided it was high time the money bag knew of him too- just as he Y had always known of him. Y had always played the sneaking impostor but not any more...

...Women the things we do at times are unpardonable. May God have mercy on us. [more]"


  1. That Julie Jumbo is one smart broad.She has clued me in. NOW I know what my wife is doing standing outside the matrimonial home!

  2. I agree with those husbands, making babies is so old fashioned. Oh and that wife of mine, standing outside the matrimonial home like that, "getting the mail" indeed! I shall rush strngth to her at once.

  3. I've been trying to get a writer at the Tide to agree to an interview. So far no luck.

  4. It's a literary high Tide.


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