The Love God?

Curiously missing from the obituaries of Don Knotts is any mention of Knotts being a notorious ladies man. Which he was. I say this knowing few will believe me, but it’s true.1

My favorite example of the unlikely Casanova's romantic powers: in the late 60’s when Knotts was a regular at the LA topless bar The Classic Cat, one of the club's dancers broke up with Jim Morrison (also a regular) to be with Knotts instead. It would be nice to think this was the incident that pushed the insufferable 'Lizard King' over the edge, but in truth Morrison was already well on his way to an early death.

1It’s the inside joke behind Knotts’ best movie "The Love God?".


  1. This would be a story of exquisite irony , but as a sometime habitue of topless bars myself, I would guess that the dancer broke up with Dionysos simply because Barney Fife laid more Franklins on the bar that night. Color me cynical.

  2. If I recall correctly, the stripper in question (I can't remember her name) lived with Knotts for a time, after the malign influence of Morrison nearly caused her to spin out on drugs.

    Don't underestimate the attractive power of Mr. Limpet. Or the repulsiveness of Mr. Mojo Risin.


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