Boys don't cry

Marine General Peter Pace wants open borders, and demonstrated before Congress today he will cry if he doesn’t get his way. I say let him. Any decent parent will tell you giving in to tears only results in more demands and more tears; encourage him and pretty soon we’ll be stuck buying General Pace a pony he promises to take care of all by himself and then does for three weeks and then he’s bored and it’s on to something else.


  1. I recall when I was in the Army (not even the Marines) the few trainees who broke down and cried were treated with complete contempt. And they probably had more reason to cry than this POS. Then again he may have been ordered to cry by Secretary Rumsfeld or El Presidente himself. I wonder, would that be a lawful order under the UCMJ?

  2. I see this guy bawling and I think of Darlene Squires:

    I suspect his emotional breakdown stems from his combat experiences.

    Whatever the cause, it's no way to set public policy.

  3. I would have donated a hundred bucks to any organization that hired a General Patton look-alike to come in and slap that sorry son-of-a-bitch. Now, that would be poltical theater.
    Steve N.


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