Where is the conscience of the world?

With the Middle East all explody again one instinctively turns to the elder statesmen for advice. Because of his expertise on the Middle East, one such elder statesman whose advice is particularly relevant is Muammar Gadafi. The Colonel reminds us:

"The FIFA reactivated the system of slavery and enslavement and trading in human beings from Africa to Europe and America; and also from Latin America to Europe. This degradation is taking place against real young people just because they are poor and because they are from poor African or Latin and sometime Asian states. The rich states running the FIFA are the rich one only. The poor ones will never have the glory of hosting the FIFA even if they have the desire to be the host and even if they present whatever they have and even if know-tow to the FIFA’s president and leadership. Why?" - FIFA.. MODIFY IT OR CANCEL IT

Why indeed. Now if only there were someway to get those fighting to listen...


  1. The problem is not getting persons to listen to this message. The problem is getting them to understand. What in hell is the FIFA and why should anyone be afraid of it? Particularly when the person spreading this message appears to take his fashion advice from Little Richard in his Chiffon Period?

  2. I think the FIFA is some sort of espionage cabal, like the KGB or SPECTRE or or IHOP.


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