Hello Gojira!

People come here looking for the above picture of Gojira - a picture I've never posted before. Why is this so? An appealing explanation is that I've been experiencing visits by web surfers from the future.

Enjoy Gojira!

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  1. My favorite line from the original "Godzilla." It is asked during a raucous press conference: "What does the U.N. plan to do about Godzilla?"
    Wouldn't ya love to hear Anderson Cooper saying those words. And I for one would pay money for front row seats as the U.N. struggles with a Godzilla policy.
    Those blue helmets would end up as a kind of corn in Godzilla's waste products.
    Did Godzilla ever take a crap in any of the movies? Would have been a good ending -- Godzilla drops a load. The camera zooms in on it, and we see the turd has the three heads of Monster Zero, aka Ghidira, thrashing about in it.
    Steve N.

  2. That would be funny. I have a fuzzy memory of monster zero - did he have three heads?.

    My favorite line from the original Godzilla was the Big G saying "eeeeaarrrraaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  3. Yes, Monster Zero had three heads. And that is a great roar Godzilla has, very distinctive.
    I've noticed on the "Lassie" show Lassie often uses the same bark, also quite distinctive. I bet both could make millions as ring-tones. Of course, I will get nothing from my brilliant idea. What does the U.N. plan to do about that?

  4. My favorite line (repeated in all Japanese monster movies) would be:

    Hero: "Ach! The monster! Is coming!"
    All: "Ach!"
    (Enter monster, rampant)
    Anon II

  5. Ach? Wouldn't that be in a German monster movie?

    I was hoping someone would explain why the google image search for that picture leads here...


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