Q&A (JP on HB)

Q: Have you ever read Belloc, Mr. Podhoretz?

A: Only the naughty bits, sir, only the naughty bits!


  1. Free Dog the Bounty Hunter.

    The bush parade certainly takes some interesting turns. There he is the Chimp in Chief like a giant parade balloon with his clowns (cheney, rice, wolfowitz and others) on the ropes of this unwieldy but predictable float. He is not inflated with evil. However, whatever substance it is that animates him does drift toward evil in the breezes of his own incompetence. There must be other forces and agendas in the man, but they can't be determined because the dolt is kept well beyond the reaches of scrutiny. Does anyone have a solid handle on who he is? It could be the most simple explanation: He is a disaster. Period. But who knows?
    Now, his justice dept. will extradite Dog the Bounty Hunter and two of his family members to Mexico where they are guilty of capturing an American rapist. Bush enforcing the laws of Mexico. How absolutely perfect.
    If the man had an ounce of dignity, he would pardon the three heroes, and tell Mexico where they can shove it.
    But no, they have fallen under the shadow of the grinning balloon. Eclipsed by the Curse of Jorge, they will be added to Bush's toll.
    The parade moves on like some bad dream. The bobbing inflated head comes around the corner in search of its next disaster. The stupid grin, the shrug of the shoulders.

  2. Awesome, Carter. I read that little exchange yesterday, and could only shake my head and utter "unbelievable" to my computer. I see Derb responded as well but I bet if he saw your response he'd say "Damn I wish I thought of that."

    By the way, I got the same "Free Dog" comment myself. Since it's for a good cause, I thought I'd let it slide.

  3. I think steveN used to comment here fairly regularly, but I can't really remember (get a site steveN, so we can link to you).

    The Dog situation is ludicrous.

  4. My apologies for misusing your sites (it won't happen again), but damn this is the type of injustice that used to have men reaching for their rifles. Every Federal Marshal in Hawaii should have laid down their badges rather than carry this injustice out.

  5. Nothing to apologize for steveN, like zeil said it's a good cause.


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