Mr. E. Coli to the white courtesy phone

Organic spinach has killed one person and aggravated the bowels of nearly a hundred others, making it a far worse nuisance than second hand smoke, which has never killed anyone. So instead of eating a potentially toxic salad, why not play it safe and enjoy a tasty, E. coli free cigarette instead? Perhaps warning labels should be placed on spinach bags suggesting this.


"Often you hear some people describe someone as shapeless. This is a very wrong statement because every human being has his or her own peculiar shape." - Calista Ezeaku waxing philosophically in The Tide News Online.


  1. Ha ha. Peculiar indeed.

    "Bums and hips are the new erogenous zones", apparently. Hips? What next? Elbows?

  2. It's a slippery slope, isn't it. And what's new about bums?


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